IC DK Scarlett-sandra´s Mojo, JW

DK  CH. Scarlett-sandra´s Mojo, JW – NFO w 63. – Born : 20.03.2011  – Fertil Male, Chip on the 17.02.2012

Mojo´s stamtavle

Udstillingsresultater for DK Scarlett-sandra´s Mojo, JW

DK CH Scarlett-sandra´s Mojo JW became

nr 4 på topkattelistne kitten male 2011 hos JYRAK

nr 6 på topkattelisten kitten hos Skogkatt of the year 2011.

nr6  kitten på  Norsk skovkattering

We are so proud over that he has achieved thise result and that we have breed him

Mojo Became Sonday the 23. oktober 2011 Junior Winner and he is also the first cat  in oure Cattery that has achieved this title

From the first day Mojo was born, I was in love whit him, everytime my heart came back to Mojo no matter what, it has never been the plan to have Mojo, but sometimes the stars what it different. Mojos is from lines that grow slowly and he take long time before he is completed.

Mojos has a great temper and he loves to cuddel, the only thing he do not LIKE is that someone touche he testicles. He is a great boy with lot of good quality he has a high forhead, strong strehtg profil, super triangle , big good ears that are very good sit.

Mojo looks a like his father, he has the raw look, and he has look that We love so much… he has look that melst me..

Mojo er Bear teste og er 100%  hearing

We are the breeder from DK Fyrendal very thankfull that we where able to get a mating from her lovely SC DK*Fyrdendal´s Gladiator.

we never thought that the mating with Bazylea and Gladiator would giv so lovely off.spring.
Mojo has aleready show what stoff he is made of and he will visit lots of show , he first show he became BIS kitten 3-6 moth, BIS Littel both days and he brother Red Bull Became BIS 3-6 moth the second day … at the show this littel became 4 BIS …. it was Total creazy…

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