IC DK Scarlett-sandra´s Vw Sharan

IC DK Scarlett-sandra´s Vw Sharan – NFO as 22 , Født : 19.08.2005 – Fertil hunkat

IC  Sharan´s stamtavle

Udstillingsresultater IC DK Scarlett-sandra´s VW Sharan

Sharan is after our own breeding , she is from the mating after our Chéri and Tjalfe. Unfortunately we never keep anything from this mating and when we finaly decided to what to keep something dead Chéri of lymph cancer. I was hard lose for Scarlett and has been a BIG lose for Scarlett that she never came over. that is why Sharan is so importen for Scarlett
It was a BIG gift when our freind from Scotland sad that we could have Sharan Back. we are so happy over it, we know it will never bring back Chéri and Tjalfe, but we got a part of them in her.

Sharan is a beautifull beautifull cat, she has the best from her mum and dad, she got her lovely blue coat from her mother. She has the must lovely eyes after her father Tjalfe, the are raw and wild Unfortunately did we lose our old Tjalfe in the beginig of spring 2012, nearly 10 years old. And that is why she has more values to Scarlett, because she is after the first Norwegian we had.

Sharan is a lovely cat and a big giving mum, she loves to cuddel, and she loves to be pet. but sometimes she has her own opinion of things. On that piont she is the same like her dad was.

Sharan is after the old typs, she has a bit flat forehead, but she never has giving it to the kittens. She has the OLD chin that is VERY strong on her and sometimes it looks like she has undershot, but she has NOT, that is the old chin that lots of Norwegians miss. She a great stregth triangle and super place ears. and she gives the best to her Kittens everytime.

With Sharan we have very good options breed lovely great kitten and she is very importe in our work of breeding. If we will get Blue torties wil time show 🙂

We are linda very greatful and thankfull for having Sharan back home with us.




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